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Last Name First Name Age Gender City State if you are running in honor of someone, please enter their name
Aber Stephen 32 male Raleigh NC
M. Alex 14 male Raleigh NC
P. James 15 male Raleigh NC Judd Staples
P. Ryan 17 male Raleigh NC Emily McClatchey
Pretzer Katherine 48 female Raleigh NC Medical Professionals helping cancer patients
Miller-Reid Christina 37 female Morrisville NC Margaret Reid
M. Andrew 17 male Raleigh NC
Miller Jeff 50 male Raleigh NC
Miller Jen 48 female Raleigh NC
Lin-Kuhn Margaret 43 female Apex NC
Q. Avery 16 female raleigh NC Daniel Quagliarello, Beverly Hicks
Klementowska Pamela 24 female Fuquay-Varina NC My Grandfather!
K. adrianna 17 female Raleigh NC
k. zzchary 14 male raleigh NC
kerner nicole 48 female raleigh NC
Kerner ben 19 male Raleigh NC
kerner paul 51 male raleigh NC
Jernigan Kenan 33 male Raleigh NC Jimmy Pardue, Dolly Fleming, Freddie Hutchins, Roger Williams, and too many others
Holman Laura 50 female Raleigh NC
Pretzer Steve 50 male Raleigh NC Judd Staples
Quesada Barbara 45 female Summit NJ Alexandra Kelly
H. Olivia 15 female Raleigh NC
Speranza Rob 49 male Raleigh NC
Lailvaux Jeanette 75 female Durban ME
Lailvaux Henri 81 male Durban ME
W. Jessica 15 female Durban ME
Walker Charene 48 female Durban
Walker Warren 48 male Durban
Trent Amy 44 female Cary NC
S. Caden 16 male Raliegh NC MiMi
Speranza Amy 48 female Raleigh NC Judy Connolly
S. Isabella 16 female Raleigh NC
r. emerson 18 female raleigh NC Robert Gatchel
S. Chris 13 male Raleigh NC
Schmalz Sally 55 female Raleigh NC
Schmalz Grace 21 female Goleta CA
Schmalz Caroline 19 female Boulder CO
S. Lucy 16 female Raleigh NC
Schmalz Jeff 56 male Raleigh NC
Russ Kerry 57 female Wendell NC Russ Kerry
Russ Breny 58 male Wendell NC Beverly Star Edmonds
Hitt Shelley 57 female Raleigh NC
Hitt Andy 65 male Raleigh NC
alspaugh sherri 55 female raleigh NC
D. Alexandra 16 female Raleigh NC Dick Prescott
Dunn Debby 67 female clayton NC
dunham jill 39 female Cary NC John White
S. Dean 14 male Raleigh NC
Dominguez Jennifer 48 female Raleigh NC Dolores Dominguez
Darcy Neal 54 male Raleigh NC Richard Darcy
Darcy Kristen 51 female Raleigh NC Dick Prescott
darcy julia 18 female raleigh NC Dick Prescott
colton suzannr 66 female raleigh NC caline glenn and Therese Murray
Glenn Bridget 19 female Raleigh NC Nana Sheilah
Clark Jamie 46 female Glastonbury CT
Thorpe Krista 31 female Chapel Hill NC
Browne Shawna 46 female Raleigh NC
Bell Victoria 51 female Raleigh NC Richard LaFon Ballard
baker brian 49 male raleigh NC george baker
Alspaugh jack 18 male Raleigh NC
a. grey 16 male raleigh NC
alspaugh michael 52 male raleigh NC
G. Christopher 17 male Raleigh NC Nana Sheilah
Glenn Anthony 52 male Raleigh NC
Hitt Sarah 20 female Raleigh NC
Hardy Michelle 49 female Raleigh NC Ron Nordeen
Hitt Emily 18 female Raleigh NC
Hill Corbie 39 male Pittsboro NC Myself (leukemia survivor) and my wife Rachel (breast cancer survivor)
Herbert alessandra 51 female Raleigh NC
Hatch Susan 73 female Raleigh NC
Harris Lex 50 male Raleigh NC Pamela Beam
Harris Hannah 19 female Raleigh NC Pamela Beam
Harris Holly 46 female raleigh NC Susan and James Robinson
H. Greer 16 female Raleigh NC Pam Beam
Hardy Patrick 58 male Raleigh NC Ron Nordeen
Glenn Caline 50 female Raleigh NC
H. Ryan 16 male Raleigh NC Ron Nordeen
Haensel Doug 58 male Raleigh NC Katie Haensel, Glenn Dammert
Gring Karen 48 female Raleigh NC
Gring Chris 48 male Raleigh NC
G. David 17 male Raleigh NC
Gring Katherine 20 female Raleigh NC
Morris Robert 21 male Raleigh NC
G. Jackson 15 male Raleigh NC
W. Bradley 17 male Durban ME
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